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Every kid in Sunday school thinks he knows all about God. You know, that bearded guy on the throne who looks something like Zeus, right? And then there’s Jesus, God’s son. But He’s God too, right? And who’s the Holy Spirit? Is He Jesus’ side-kick? Or what?

Wait a minute.

An essential factor lacking from those concepts is the relational quality of God.

Meet the Holy Trinity.

The Trinity, one way Christianity attempts to define God, is difficult and tricky to explain. The best explanation I heard when a kid was, ‘You have to have faith.’ They couldn’t explain faith either.

The Holy Trinity

GiaB prompt # 2–2: time

Image by John K. Adams

If a shutter clicks in the forest, does it take a picture?

Imagine your favorite photograph. Everyone has one. When the shutter snaps and an image is captured, what a rush.

One of my favorites is of a pelican going aloft over shining water. Wings fully extended, its toes barely touch the dock. Reflected sunlight shines through its wings’ blurred first flap, as it takes flight. I vividly remember inching forward, peering at the bird through the view-finder of my Argus, finger poised on the shutter. And then it was gone.

A fleeting expression, a girl’s sly smile and wistful…

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Finch mumbled to himself as he inventoried items for the trip.

Polly touched his arm and tilted her head in a question.

He said, “Cooper says ‘get packed.’ Pack light, he says. Should be a quick trip. Travel light. Half-way around the world? Pack light? Spackle? Pickle? Pecked?” Polly backed away. “Peck, peck, peck. Pecking is in order, sir.”

“Why don’t you take a break?” She returned to her desk.

Dove leaned over and whispered to her. “Don’t be hard on him, Pol. Cooper thinks he’s cock of the walk. He says to travel light but…”

The outer door opened…

Amanda Kloska in Unsplash

I finally understood my father. Had I become him? He always hated whining.

I do too.

Like a fountain of molten rock, rage welled up. Where did this come from? Unsuppressed, would it continue? Unstoppable? Obliterate me and everything?

I imagined ripping up the sidewalk and tossing concrete slabs like Frisbees. Did I think I was the Hulk? Did I want to be?

Would that shut the kid up?

I glanced at my wife. I strained to speak in a normal voice. “Can’t you do something? Do I have to pull over?”

Translation: Do something or I will.

She stretched…

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Trent handed his car key to the valet and took Cindy’s arm. Her eyes got wide as they strolled into the best restaurant in town.

“This is spectacular, Trent. Did you win the lotto?”

“No… Just want to take my best girl for a well-deserved night on the town.”

She pretended to pout. “And who would that be?”

Trent pulled her close. “You, Cindy. Of course. Who else?”

“You said, ‘best girl…’ Of how many?”

He shook his head at the faux pas. “Only girl. Of course. Or do you prefer, ‘baby’?” She smiled slyly. …

GiaB writing prompt #15: illumination

Dilyara Garifullina in Unsplash

You know the type. He enters and scans the room. His eyes come to rest and he moves in. Observed in a different context (is it?), a predator seeks its prey. Not necessarily male, he is unconventionally attractive. His mirror confirms it daily.

As if illuminated by a personal spotlight, all eyes track him, moths to flame. Envious Greek gods, scheme. People consciously redirect their gaze.

He moves through the crowd to his selection. Once he makes contact, no one else matters. It’s as if the room had emptied. Perhaps it did. …

Benjamin Lehman in Unsplash

A bunch of us paid for a trip to space. All my life I saw pictures. I wanted to see for myself. It’s how I am. I’m satisfied, though some are not.

Travel into space? Who wouldn’t? Wonderful perspective, viewing the world from afar. Things on the ground, today are so angry and divisive. It’s always something these days. I jumped at the chance.

The whole experience amazed me. The ultimate ‘E-ticket.’ Weightlessness, the ultimate freedom. A jewel, Earth floated, teeming with life, yet delicate as a mayfly suspended on the water’s surface. The moon danced about like cottonwood fluff…

Bermix Studio in Unsplash

Chad said, “Noob, think of emotions as salad dressing. Some favor one or another, or each depending on their mood. But they’re all kind of cheesy. The salad itself doesn’t change much.”

“Which dressing do you use?”

“I don’t use dressing. I like my salads dry.”

“I struggle with analogies to things about which I have no reference. Since I’ll never have a salad, this is not helpful. My world is already abstract.”

“All language is metaphorical, Noob. Analogue vs. digital. Consider how about some algorithms are more elegant than others. …

Martin Reisch in Unsplash

Alan’s friends could not believe him. They wanted more. They wanted proof.

“You met him?”

“Merlo exists?”

“You spoke?”

“What did he say?”

“What’s he like?”

“He signed it?”

“He stole your book?”

“His book?”

“Why take his own book?”

“It’s my copy of his latest, ‘Ariadne’s Thread’.”

Everyone envied Alan’s good fortune. Few could claim the great Merlo had stolen one of their books. Fewer, that the thief also wrote it.

Many claimed to know Merlo, the celebrated author, eccentric and recluse. He lived in this city where Alan attended university.

Alan thought of himself Merlo’s ‘biggest’ fan. He’d…

Reet Talreja in Unsplash

“Norman, are you in there?”

Oh for a moment of privacy. But no…’ The shards of a dream slipped through my fingers.

“Of course Mother. Do you see me?”


“Is the door shut?”


“If it were open you’d be in here with me.”


How many times have we read this script?’ I thought as I sat on the edge of the tub. ‘Is there no other way?

“I’ll be a moment…”


I flushed the toilet so she wouldn’t pester me about what took so long. ‘The dream… I almost had it…

Through the door, she said…

John K Adams

A journalist, photographer and blogger. I write to see how memory and language wrestle with reality. My beautiful, loving wife brainstorms with me.

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